Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Prototyping Fun...

The platform prototype has nearly become a game in itself. When I started working for Hiive it had the basic mechanics functioning in a test level. The player can run, jump, change color, and perform an impressively athletic wall-jump.  Since I started working on it I have taken it from a cool concept to a promising game in the works.
The Prototype when I started
My primary project has been to take the raw prototype level format and expand it to  create a functioning editor screen, and I am happy to say it has been going well. It's is still far from finished, however it is getting closer and closer. Once the serializer (to save levels) has been finished the floodgates will open for new levels and the prototype will be in its final stages of creation.

Edit screen as of now
Within the editor screen, you can place and remove any block, reassign the start and finish position, place any color of horizontal or vertical robot and set waypoints for them to travel between, and remove those robots when you decide they weren't in the best position.

Current game screen
Even incomplete, the game is both fun to play and to create levels for. Once the game is further along, the finish point, which is currently a tesseract, will be a wormhole, and collectible items that unlock your colors will be required to reach the wormhole to the next level.

For example, in this level, good luck reaching the finish point without using green, either to run along the top platform or to wall jump from wall to wall. The robot's are immortal, the player currently has no way of defeating them, though there have been a few ideas tossed around for their possible demise.

Future plans include attaching the tesseract graphic to collectibles, adding a third robot that either moves in a set multidirectional path or chases the player, finishing the serializer so new levels can be added, and making the editor screen more user friendly.

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