Friday, June 22, 2012

Fresh Meat

Hey, this is ella fae, the “new face” mentioned previously, and I just wanted to drop by and give you a quick introduction.

I’m just your average girl with a B.A. in English, a dream of becoming a professional author, and a passion for all things nerdy. And in case you’re wondering the validity of that last statement, I was the president of my university’s anime club and am still the only girl to ever win a tournament at the gamer’s club bi-annual LAN party. I am also very proud of my book, manga, and comic book collection, which exceeds 3,000 (though I ran out of room for them all a long time ago). Of course this all pales in comparison to my almost complete collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000, my absolute favorite TV show.

I am currently working on a couple of novel ideas to publish, on top of writing in fandom for my own amusement.  
As for my roles in hiive, I’ll mostly be the behind-the-scene girl doing the administrative work; however, I’m also going to help out with the research and story development for various games. I’m really excited to be part of the team, and I look forward to all the fun to come. 

Ja ne!


Unknown said...

You downplay your role amusingly... :)

Andrew Rabon said...


Helpfully this means projects are finished faster. :P

ella fae said...

I believe, Andrew, in the terms of teenage dance movies that you've just been served.

Unknown said...

I think he was being nice actually :)